Friday, May 27, 2016

Creature Gifs 2

This is the second of the creature designs and animations I made in flash for a game I worked on in a small studio about a year or more ago, I don't know if the game ever went ahead but, they were made to assist the player in solving puzzles.

Idle animation: Lean and wing wave, 
for when the creature sits at the top of the screen waiting to be used.
Attack/magic animation: Blowing fire
for when the creature uses it power

Spirou et Fantasio

Spirou and Fantasio franco belgian comic series I discovered a few years ago when a cartoon version showed up on the television. I was curious to know more about it and when I found the comics I really fell for it. It has also introduced me to various other European comics I might never have heard of and encouraged me to start learning french again.  I've even been to Belgium to meet some of the artists of the series.
This post is for some of the Spirou fan art I've done over a few years, sometimes experimenting with different styles along the way.

What happnes when it's Spirous birthday on the job? Fantasio wouldn't forget to celebrate.
Squirrels don't really enjoy new years fireworks.
This way or that way? This is one of my earliest pictures of them.
An illustrartion Based on a comic by Rudy Spiessert from the Spirou 75th Special

Spirou is actually meant to mean squirrel.
Zantafio! Fantasios evil cousin with his minions.
Zorgulb the other main villain of the series, sometimes...

At your service ;)
Seccotine: super snoopy fellow reporter