Friday, May 27, 2016

Creature Gifs 2

This is the second of the creature designs and animations I made in flash for a game I worked on in a small studio about a year or more ago, I don't know if the game ever went ahead but, they were made to assist the player in solving puzzles.

Idle animation: Lean and wing wave, 
for when the creature sits at the top of the screen waiting to be used.
Attack/magic animation: Blowing fire
for when the creature uses it power

Spirou et Fantasio

Spirou and Fantasio franco belgian comic series I discovered a few years ago when a cartoon version showed up on the television. I was curious to know more about it and when I found the comics I really fell for it. It has also introduced me to various other European comics I might never have heard of and encouraged me to start learning french again.  I've even been to Belgium to meet some of the artists of the series.
This post is for some of the Spirou fan art I've done over a few years, sometimes experimenting with different styles along the way.

What happnes when it's Spirous birthday on the job? Fantasio wouldn't forget to celebrate.
Squirrels don't really enjoy new years fireworks.
This way or that way? This is one of my earliest pictures of them.
An illustrartion Based on a comic by Rudy Spiessert from the Spirou 75th Special

Spirou is actually meant to mean squirrel.
Zantafio! Fantasios evil cousin with his minions.
Zorgulb the other main villain of the series, sometimes...

At your service ;)
Seccotine: super snoopy fellow reporter

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Creature gifs 1

I worked on some creature designs and animations in flash for a game in a small studio about a year or more ago, I don't know if the game ever went ahead but this is one of three creatures created for it, they were made to assist the player in a puzzle game.

Idle animation: wiggle wiggle, for when the creature sits at the top of the screen waiting to be used.

 Attack/magic animation 1: Front flip, for when the creature uses it power

Attack/magic animation 2: Bouncy bounce, I wasn't sure about the front flip so I also tried out a different movement

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unhappy Halloween

I hope you enjoy this old art of a witch having an existential crises for Halloween.
 Don't get too scared now.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

CelAction Animated Gifs

A few months ago I took a weekly class in the animated program CelAction. I learned a lot from this. In the class we were thought how to create a character, add rigs to it and the principals of animation in in the program as well as having character interact with props. At first we used pre made characters built into the program but we were able to put together our own character in the last few weeks.

My character is park ranger hedgehog called Henrietta, before this I had only sketched her in pencil so creating a lineless version in Photoshop was something very different.

CelAction was an interesting program to work with, at first it looks very imposing and difficult to manage but once I understood it and got to work on some real animation I found it worked really well.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Auto CAD Models: 3D Tools

Example of a 3D bracket used to support
Glass doors and Walls built from a real life example.

 Same tool with a different angle and realistic coloring.

 Example of another glass part bracket tool.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

3D AutoCAD Progress designs

Recently I completed a course learning 2D and 3D Auto CAD, It was very interesting and I learned a lot I had never heard of this program before.

 These are screenshots I took show some of my process when when creating a 3D Model,

Watering can from an exercise.

 Half of a 2 part tool used to secure large glass walls and doors 
referenced from real life as part of a work experience project.

Working in CAD is different to any other graphics program I've used before, I think modeling in, 3DS Max or Maya feel a bit like clay they way you push and pull on various parts and smooth them out but CAD is a bit like carving shapes into stone. I usually cut into the shape more than mold it.